Yu-Gi-Oh! Türkçe Kart Arşivi
Yu-Gi-Oh! Türkçe Kart Arşivi
Oturum aç

Normal Traps

Yu-Gi-Oh! Türkçe Kart Arşivi sitesinden
A Feint Plan A Hero Emerges A Major Upset A Rival Appears! Absolute End
Abyss-scorn Abyss-squall Abyss-strom Accumulated Fortune Acid Trap Hole
Adhesion Trap Hole Aegis of the Ocean Dragon Lord Air Force Alchemy Cycle Alien Brain
Altar for Tribute Amazoness Archers Amazoness Shamanism Ambush Fangs An Unfortunate Report
Anti Raigeki Anti-Fusion Device Anti-Magic Prism Appointer of the Red Lotus Aqua Story - Urashima
Aquamirror Cycle Aquamirror Illusion Aquamirror Meditation Arcana Call Archfiend's Roar
Armageddon Designator Armored Glass Arsenal Robber Artifact Sanctum Asleep at the Switch
Assault Mode Activate Assault on GHQ Assault Slash Assault Spirits At One With the Sword
Attack and Receive Attack Reflector Unit Attention! Automatic Laser Avalon
Backs to the Wall Backup Soldier Bad Reaction? Bamboo Scrap Bark of Dark Ruler
Barrier Wave Battle Break Battle Instinct Battle Mania Battle of the Elements
Battle Teleportation Battleguard Howling Beast Soul Swap Beckoning Light BIG Win!?
Big Burn Black Feather Beacon Black Return Black Sonic Black Thunder
Black Wing Revenge Blackback Blackboost Blackwing - Backlash Blackwing - Bombardment
Blackwing - Boobytrap Blast Held by a Tribute Blast with Chain Blasting Fuse Blasting the Ruins
Blessings for Gusto Blossom Bombardment Bone Temple Block Bottomless Trap Hole Bounzer Guard
Breakthrough Skill Breakthrough! Bright Future Brilliant Spark Broken Blocker
Brutal Potion Bubble Crash Bujin Regalia - The Jewel Bujin Regalia - The Sword Bujincident
Bujinfidel Burst Breath Burst Rebirth Butterflyoke Butterspy Protection
Byroad Sacrifice Call of the Earthbound Call of the Grave Call of the Reaper Card of Last Will
Card of Sacrifice Castle Walls Ceasefire Cell Explosion Virus Cemetary Bomb
Chain Destruction Chain Detonation Chain Disappearance Chain Dispel Chain Healing
Chain Material Chain Whirlwind Change of Hero - Reflector Ray Changing Destiny Chaos Burst
Chaos Infinity Chthonian Blast Chthonian Polymer Clay Charge Cloning
Cocoon Veil Collected Power Command Performance Commander of Swords Common Charity
Compulsory Escape Device Compulsory Evacuation Device Confusion Chaff Conscription Constellar Meteor
Corrupted Keys Counterforce Covering Fire Crevice Into the Different Dimension Crop Circles
Cross Counter Crush Card Virus Crystal Counter Crystal Pair Crystal Raigeki
Curse of Aging Curse of Anubis Curse of the Circle D - Chain D - Counter
D - Fortune D - Shield D - Time D. Tribe D.D. Dynamite
D.D. Trap Hole D/D Recruit D/D/D Resource Management D2 Shield Damage Condenser
Damage Diet Damage Gate Damage Translation Damage Vaccine Ω MAX Dark Coffin
Dark Deal Dark Mirror Force Dark Renewal Dark Scheme Dark Scorpion Combination
Dark Spirit Art - Greed Dark Spirit of the Silent Darkfall Darklight Deal of Phantom
Deck Devastation Virus Deep Dark Trap Hole Defenders Intersect Defense Draw Defensive Tactics
Degen-Force Delta Crow - Anti Reverse Descending Lost Star Desert Sunlight Designer Frightfur
Destiny Mirage Destiny Signal Destruct Potion Destruction of Destiny Destruction Punch
Destruction Ring Detonator Circle "A" Diamond Dust Dice Re-Roll Different Dimension Encounter
Different Dimension Ground Dimension Slice Dimension Wall Dimensional Inversion Dimensional Prison
Disappear Disarmament Disturbance Strategy Divine Relic Mjollnir DNA Checkup
Doble Passe Dora of Fate Double Dragon Descent Double Magical Arm Bind Double Tag Team
Double Trap Hole Double-Edged Sword Technique Dragoncarnation Dragon's Rebirth Draining Shield
Dramatic Rescue Driving Snow Drop Off Dust Storm of Gusto Dust Tornado
Dustflame Blast Duston Roller Earthshaker Eatgaboon Ebon Arrow
Edge Hammer Elemental Burst Elemental Recharge Eliminating the League Enchanted Javelin
Energy Drain Energy-Absorbing Monolith Enlightenment Equip Shot Eradicator Epidemic Virus
Eternal Dread Evil Blast Evo-Branch Evo-Instant Evolutionary Bridge
Evo-Singularity Exchange of the Spirit Exhausting Spell Eye of the Void Fairy Wind
Fairy's Hand Mirror Fake Explosion Fake Feather Fake Trap Ferret Firestorm
Fiend Comedian Fiend Griefing Fiend's Hand Mirror Fiery Fervor Final Fusion
Fine Fire Darts Fire Lake of the Burning Abyss Fish Depth Charge Fish Rain
Flashbang Fluffal Crane Foolish Revival Forced Ceasefire Formation Union
Fragment Fusion Froggy Forcefield Frozen Soul Fruits of Kozaky's Studies Fuh-Rin-Ka-Zan
Fukusayou? Full House Full Salvo Fusion Reserve Gagagaguard
Gagagarush Gagagashield Gamble Gamushara Geargiagear
Gem-Enhancement Gemini Booster Gemini Trap Hole Generation Shift Ghost of a Grudge
Ghostrick Break Ghostrick Scare Ghostrick Vanish Ghosts From the Past Giant Trap Hole
Gift Card Gift of the Mystical Elf Give and Take Gladiator Lash Glare of the Black Cat
Gleipnir, the Fetters of Fenrir Good Goblin Housekeeping Gorgon's Eye Gottoms' Emergency Call Grave Lure
Gravelstorm Graverobber Grisaille Prison Gryphon Wing Guard Go!
Guard Mines Gust Half Counter Half or Nothing Half Unbreak
Hallowed Life Barrier Hate Buster Heartfelt Appeal Heavy Slump Heraldry Change
Hero Barrier Hero Blast Hero Counterattack Hero Medal Hero Ring
Hero Signal Hero Spirit Heroic Advance Heroic Gift Heroic Retribution Sword
Hidden Soldiers Hidden Spellbook Hieratic Seal of Banishment Hi-Five the Sky High Tide on Fire Island
Hope for Escape Horn of the Phantom Beast House of Adhesive Tape Huge Revolution Hunting Instinct
Icarus Attack Icy Crevasse Impenetrable Attack Infernity Break Infernity Force
Infernity Inferno Infernity Reflector Infestation Ripples Infestation Terminus Infestation Tool
Infestation Wave Inherited Fortune Inspiration Interdimensional Matter Transporter Interdimensional Warp
Intrigue Shield Introduction to Gallantry Inverse Universe Inzektor Gauntlet Inzektor Orb
Itachi Explosion Jar of Avarice Jar of Greed Judgment of the Pharaoh Judgment of Thunder
Judgment Scales Jurrac Impact Just Desserts Justi-Break Karakuri Klock
Karakuri Trick House Karma Cut Kid Guard Koa'ki Meiru Shield Kozaky's Self-Destruct Button
Kunai with Chain Lair Wire Last Minute Cancel Last Resort Last Turn
Lease Laundering Legacy of Yata-Garasu Level Conversion Lab Level Retuner Liberty at Last!
Life Equalizer Light of Judgment Lightforce Sword Lightsworn Judgment Limit Impulse
Limiter Overload Lineage of Destruction Localized Tornado Lumenize Madolche Lesson
Madolchepalooza Magic Cylinder Magic Deflector Magical Arm Shield Magical Explosion
Magical Hats Magician's Circle Majespecter Tornado Major Riot Malefic Claw Stream
Malevolent Catastrophe Mask of Weakness Meklord Factory Mektimed Blast Melodious Illusion
Memory Loss Memory of an Adversary Metal Detector Metalmorph Metaphysical Regeneration
Meteor Flare Meteorain Michizure Micro Ray Mind Crush
Mind Haxorz Minefield Eruption Miracle Kids Miracle Locus Miracle Restoring
Miracle's Wake Mirror Force Mirror Gate Mirror Mail Mirror of Oaths
Mischief of the Gnomes Mischief of the Yokai Mispolymerization Morphtransition Morphtronic Mix-up
Morphtronics, Scramble! Multiple Destruction Mystic Probe Mystical Refpanel Nature's Reflection
Needle Ceiling Needlebug Nest Next to be Lost Nightmare Archfiends Nitwit Outwit
No Entry!! Non Aggression Area Nordic Relic Brisingamen Nordic Relic Gungnir Nordic Relic Laevateinn
Nordic Relic Megingjord Null and Void Numbers Overlay Boost Numinous Healer Nutrient Z
Oath of Companionship Offering to the Immortals Offering to the Snake Deity Oh Tokenbaum! Ojama Trio
Option Hunter Orbital Bombardment Order to Smash Over Capacity Over Limit
Overwind Overworked Parallel Selection Past Image Pegasus/Trap A
Penalty Game! Pendulum Back Performapal Call Performapal Revival Pharaoh's Treasure
Phoenix Wing Wind Blast Photon Current Physical Double Pikeru's Circle of Enchantment Pikeru's Second Sight
Pineapple Blast Pinpoint Guard Planckton Planet Pollutant Virus Plant Food Chain
Poseidon Wave Power Break Power Frame Power-Up Adapter Prepared Explosives
Prideful Roar Proof of Powerlessness Psi-Curse Psychic Overload Psychic Reactor
Psychic Rejuvenation Psychic Shockwave Psychic Soul Psychic Trigger Punch-in-the-Box
Purge Ray Puzzle Reborn Pyro Clock of Destiny Pyroxene Fusion Qlimate Change
Qlipper Launch Queen's Pawn Radiant Mirror Force Raging Cloudian Raidraptor - Readiness
Raidraptor - Return Raigeki Break Rain Storm Rainbow Gravity Rainbow Life
Rainbow Path Ray of Hope Ready for Intercepting Really Eternal Rest Reanimation Wave
Reckless Greed Reckoned Power Red Carpet Red-Eyes Burn Red-Eyes Spirit
Regretful Rebirth Reinforce Truth Reinforced Space Reinforcements Relay Soul
Release, Reverse, Burst Relieve Monster Remote Revenge Return Return from the Different Dimension
Return of the Six Samurai Return Soul Reversal of Fate Reverse Glasses Reverse Reuse
Reverse Trap Revival Gift Revival of the Immortals Ring of Destruction Rise of the Snake Deity
Rising Energy Rite of Spirit Ritual Beast Ambush Ritual Beast Steeds Ritual Buster
Ritual Sealing Rock Bombardment Rocket Hand Roll Out! Rope of Life
Royal Writ of Taxation Sakuretsu Armor Scales of Judgment Scramble Egg Scrap Crash
Scrap Rage Scrap-Iron Scarecrow Scrap-Iron Statue Secret Barrel Secrets of the Gallant
Security Orb Self-Destruct Button Shadow Impulse Shadow of Eyes Shield Spear
Shien's Scheme Shift Shooting Star Side Effect? Simultaneous Loss
Sinister Seeds Sinister Shadow Games Six Strike - Thunder Blast Six Style - Dual Wield Sixth Sense
Skill Prisoner Skill Successor Skull Dice Slip of Fortune Slip Summon
Snake Fang Snake Whistle Solar Ray Solomon's Lawbook Sonic Boom
Soul Rope Soul Strike Soul Transition Sound the Retreat! Spell Purification
Spell Reclamation Spider Egg Spikeshield with Chain Spirit Force Spiritual Earth Art - Kurogane
Spiritual Fire Art - Kurenai Spiritual Light Art - Hijiri Spiritual Water Art - Aoi Spiritual Wind Art - Miyabi Splash Capture
Star Siphon Stardust Flash Stardust Re-Spark Starlight Road Statue of the Wicked
Staunch Defender Stonehenge Methods Storming Mirror Force Straight Flush Strike Slash
Success Probability 0% Super Junior Confrontation Super Rush Recklessly Supercharge Survival Instinct
Survival of the Fittest Sylvan Blessing Synchro Barrier Synchro Deflector Synchro Ejection
Synchro Material Synchro Strike Tachyon Chaos Hole Taunt Telepathic Power
Terra Firma Gravity Terrible Deal TG1-EM1 TG-SX1 TGX3-DX2
That Wacky Alchemy! The Forces of Darkness The Gift of Greed The Golden Apples The Grave of Enkindling
The League of Uniform Nomenclature The Monarchs Awaken The Paths of Destiny The Phantom Knights of Shadow Veil The Spell Absorbing Life
The Transmigration Prophecy The Traveler and the Burning Abyss Threatening Roar Three of a Kind Thunder of Ruler
Time Machine Time Seal Time-Space Trap Hole Token Feastevil Toon Briefcase
Toon Mask Torrential Reborn Torrential Tribute Tragedy Transmigration of the Supreme Soldier
Trap Dustshoot Trap Hole Trap of Darkness Trap of the Imperial Tomb Trap Reclamation
Trap Stun Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare Treacherous Trap Hole Treasure Map Treaty on Uniform Nomenclature
Tri-and-Guess Trick Box Triggered Summon Trojan Blast Trojan Gladiator Beast
Tuner Capture Tuner's Barrier Turnabout Two-Pronged Attack Typhoon
Tyrant Wing Ultimate Fire Formation - Seito Unbreakable Spirit Underworld Egg Clutch Updraft
Urgent Tuning Utopian Aura Vampire Takeover Venom Burn Virus Cannon
Void Trap Hole Volcanic Eruption Volcanic Recharge W Nebula Meteorite Waboku
Wall of Disruption Wall of Thorns Wattkeeper Weed Out Whirlwind of Gusto
White Hole Widespread Ruin Wild Tornado Windstorm of Etaqua Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
Wonder Garage World Suppression Xyz Dimension Splash Xyz Effect Xyz Reborn
Xyz Revenge Shuffle Xyz Reversal Xyz Soul Xyz Universe Xyz Xtreme !!
Yang Zing Brutality Zekt Conversion Zenmailstrom Zenmairch Zero Force
Zero Gravity